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5 Jun

The Beautiful Shifting of the Cosmic Procession

Consciousness, Accountability and Transparency Are a Few of the Benefits

Bilal Yasin El-Amin

Heads up! Hearts, minds, and souls up! Stand up!

The cosmic procession is shifting!

Listen, you can hear it; with insight, you can see it; with sensitivity, you can feel it; shift with it and you are illuminated; resist it and you are eliminated. The cosmic procession is shifting one billion trillion units per millisecond! This rate is a playful metaphorical estimate. 😇

One of our songs on our music website states, “…Let’s have a Standing Ovation for this beautiful nation.” We will change it to “…Let’s have a Standing Ovation for this beautiful creation.” This nation is not beautiful, big, or balanced enough. Our song was written to replace our violent and racist national anthem. FLOTUS Nancy Regan indirectly suggested a contest for this. We sent a copy of our song to her in care of the white house. No response to date.  

It does not matter who is in the white house or who is in the congress. It does not matter who is manning the pulpits or the mimbars, the scholarly chairs, or cultural affairs. The schemers and manipulating magicians are all the same. They have become one against humanity. This is not new. It has been like this for a long time. The cruel, manipulating, greedy, warmongering and fear mongering magicians wish to control every mind, body, and soul on the planet, and every system of production and knowledge.

Their time is up, and they know it, so they are becoming more desperate and flagrant in their global tactics, showing their hands, bullying so-called allies, creating more wars and distracting noises in every environment in every aspect of life.

That which they cannot control they intend to destroy. Big corporations have bought them all. They have become just as artificial as their artificial big corporations. Color, ethnicity, gender, “religion,” nationality do not matter anymore. True humans must replace these so-called elites, trans humans, and so-called artificial intelligence. The Source Creator did not create any artificiality. Artificialities created by human force creators can be used for benefit or evil, like everything else in creation.

Gun control and the gun lobby are almost laughable, except that they are not funny. Owners and users of the biggest guns and gun manufacturers on the planet can stop gun violence overnight if this were their intentions. Lobbyists, lawyers, bankers, killer soldiers, and police officers are owned and deployed by the ones to whom you petition and plead for help who are owned and deployed by big corporations who profit from the wars, killing and confusion. 

Their next move is to eliminate money as we know it. No cash, no checks. Digital currency can be good or bad, depending on how it is used. If it is used to devalue our commonwealth and pass it up to the billionaire owners of super wealth or to lock us out of the system requiring special fees and compliances to engage the system, their scheme will backfire. The natural, fitrah-based patterns and structures in creation cannot be frustrated by manipulators and rejectors of faith. 

And the ones for whom you vote are common and preferred stockholders and paid stakeholders on the stacked and intertwined boards of directors of big corporations, living on stock dividends and taxable and non-taxable bond interest from the stuff in their stuffed portfolios. Small stockholders and nonstock holders have been and are being bamboozled, as knowingly announced by a recent president.    

The cosmic procession is shifting, and every living thing is aware of it even if not conscious of it. Most people do not have a clue as to what is happening or what to do, but at least they are aware that something is happening for the better even though they cannot put their finger on it. If we just follow the excellent human nature and proclivities in our souls, The Guidance already clocked into our being will deliver us to our best human activities and destiny.  

This shift and awakening of human minds, awareness, and consciousness cannot be frustrated by the corrupt manipulators and rejectors of faith. Everything in the cosmic procession is energy, vibrations, and frequencies. Conscious opposition to the cosmic procession is crushed and eliminated. The cosmic procession is self-correcting as it restores its natural, fitrah balance.


Turn off what they call mainstream media. Make it alternative media. We have the authority, the ability, and reasons to do this. Their media are all lies, platforms for sales of inferior products, ideologies, noisy distractions, wars, rumors of wars, real and artificial death and destruction.

If every voter writes in his or her own name at the national level in the next elections, this will produce numbers that the manipulators will not be able to manipulate, and this will also set the stage for the establishment of human political (social), academic, economic, cultural, and health entities that would make all of their artificial entities inferior alternatives or defunct. 

These simple coordinated and cooperative actions on a national level will produce mandates for attention and positive changes. 

The curtains can be removed from the voting booths (and the booths too) and an auditable, digital voting system can be established by which voters can vote from anywhere as we do everything else from anywhere. The fictitious electoral “college” must be closed. This school is out. This digital age has some great advantages and potentials. Accountability and transparency are benefits of the cosmic procession beautiful shifting.     

As Bob Morley sings “…don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright….” This is not a pipe dream or just a song, but faith in The Source Creator,  The Creator of all force creators, and Controller of the cosmic procession. It is faith in yourself, family, community, and faith in the excellence and best of creation, the human nature. 

Keep the faith, hold your peace, download “Standing Ovation” from our music website, share, 

Bilal Yasin El-Amin

The Propagation Congregation

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