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The Replacement Theory is Word and Language Environment Manipulation

18 May

Mainstream media and many independent writers are giving credence to what is called the replacement theory

We believe that the replacement theory is more manipulating media bullshit! Words make people. This language is introduced by racists to justify racism and distract us from reality. All racists are mentally ill, and it is a self-inflicted illness. The Source Creator created the jinn race and the human race. Humans created other races, and they created theories and ideologies to justify them. Their theories and ideologies are no more real than their artificially produced races. 

Corrupt manipulators are trying to replace The RealityThe Source Creator, with artificiality. Corporations, which are artificial beings, along with so-called artificial intelligence, are trying to replace humans. They will not succeed because there can be no altering the natural, fitrah patterns and structures created by The Source Creator. The natural creation, the cosmic procession has always and always will crush and destroy such efforts by restoring balance and equilibrium in the cosmic procession.

A corporation, by definition, is “…an artificial being, intangible, invisible, and existing (in perpetuity) only in the contemplation (mind) of the law.” Yet the so-called supreme court has ruled that corporations have human rights, including free speech. This ruling authorizes huge political donations (called free speech) from big corporations to finance their stockholders and stakeholders corrupt, manipulators to attempt to control all human activity in society. They attempt to control all essential aspects of life: Politics (social life), Rituals, Education, Economics, Culture, Health. PREECHealth.

They already overly influence our politics (social life), education, economics, and culture. Their most recent attempts to control our health and rituals unveil their evil intentions. Too many of us cooperate with their demonic schemes even though it is clear this Day that their corruption, greed, disrespect for and rejection of faith in The Source Creator and excellence in human nature has caused corruption in the earth (materiality), water (morality, emotions), air (spirituality), and fire (knowledge). The assaults upon and hijacking of our intelligence are constant.      

Intelligence is internal communication with the genes… in = internal; telli = communication; gence = gene. Intellect is internal election… the building and development of intelligence. The manipulators are trying to alter our genetic makeup with chemicals, radiation, and psychological tools. It’s in the food, water, air, earth, and medications. These influences along with desensitization to violence induced by constant attention to war, murder, local, national, and international assassinations crystalize our pineal organ and block human aspiration for body, mind, and soul growth and development. Whatever we give our attention to expands. Give more attention to your soul, your essence, the real you. 

There is no such thing as artificial intelligence. The Source Creator did not create any artificialities. Humans produce artificialities. Some humans go to the extreme of molding themselves into artificial beings by coming out of their natural human excellence. Their love for control, to run and ruin society, to pretend to be a god or gods, are the fires of consequences in which they burn. 

Corrupt intentions and corrupt knowledge are two of the major factors contributing to their condition and demise. Intentions are being exposed as knowledge awakens in the common people in this Day of the Last DaysKnowledge is organized, balanced information plus experience. If information is unorganized, made false, and/or unbalanced, it is corrupted and it corrupts. The commonalities of human experiences are being recognized and appreciated by more common people.      

We must remember that man means mind and words make people! Humans and all of creation, including words and languages, are energy, vibrations, and frequencies. Sounds, including words, produce vibrations in many frequencies. Without words and language environment we would not even know who or that we are. The manipulators influence us most by words, pictures through their media, so-called ‘religion,’ their theories, and ideologies. A ‘word’ is anything that brings a picture to your mind. Words with abstract meanings produce theories and ideologies. We hear (inner ear) before we see (insight).

Our body is the servant of our soul, but too many of us have made our soul the servant of our body. We invest in our body and other physical matter, but we do not invest in our immaterial soul. The Qur’an says those who invest in their soul are successful and those who neglect to invest in their soul are the losers. 

Investment in your soul means giving more attention to the patterns and structures in nature, the fitrah, upon which all creation is based. Stop giving your attention to the noise, sensationalism, wars, war of words, lying words, word environments, killings, deaths, fearmongering, scarcity, entertainment, and other distractions. 

Invest in your soul by listening more to your best aspirations, intentions, inclinations, and potentials for excellence, helping and sharing with others. This produces a quiet soul… a soul that is quiet enough to hear The Source Creator speaking quietly with and without words.     

Give more of your devotional attention to careful study of the clear signs (words) in natural creation in all forms and functions. Identify and work on strategies to use your study and observations for personal improvements and improvements in your family life, community life, and the life of society. 

Stop trying to run the world while your life, family life, and community life are falling apart. Self-government must come first. Study the scripts (words, signs) that are written, scripted, and inscribed in your own being and in what we call scripture. Study everything in light of the Qur’an, not in the deep, dim, and dark shadows of artificial language environments that have been poisoned and corrupted by the Wanna-Be-gods and manipulators.

Turn the TV off and stop hearing, seeing, feeling, studying their media that feeds desperation, depression, hopelessness, unworthiness, and thoughts and feelings of soullessness. Learn and teach your children and family who want to learn. Knowledge is at your fingertips in this digital age, but you must be able to discern what is real and what is unreal.  

Avoid playing games for fun. Avoid negativity, anger, and selfish ego. Expand the best aspirational ego of your soul. Concentrate, meditate, practice, learn and expand the proper breathing and oxygen intake method. Study and expand your Chakrah system, decalcify your pineal organ. Read and write. Think. Become a brand new you. Share.  

Your Own Soul Obligates You,

Bilal Yasin El-Amin

The Propagation Congregation

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About The Propagation Congregation

16 Aug

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