We, Us, and Our versus I, Me, My, and Mine

25 May


The terms we, us, and our imply more authority than I, me, my, and mine. They also sound better. These are all pronouns that reference oneself but from different perceptions, contexts, and consciousness. The latter implies personal possessiveness, a loner. The former involves a group or groups, cooperation.

Knowing that The Source Creator refers to Himself as We, Us, and Our more often than I, Me, My, and Mine ought to encourage us to do the same. We believe it is a sign to us for our orientation of mind. The Source Creator is not plural. He uses a Majestic We, Us, and Our referring to force creators under His control, not helpers, partners, or co-creators. When The Source Creator uses I, Me, My, or Mine, it is usually in connection with an admonition or warning, addressed to a person or specific persons. We, Us, and Our are used more generally and more often.

The Source Creator is not masculine or feminine, male or female. Western languages limit our references to he, she, or it. No Prophet spoke any English or other western languages.

We use we, us, and our with common sense and reasonableness. Our home, our family, our community, our money, our children, our businesses, organizations, our efforts, and concerns. Personal, intimate situations would not be appropriate. Obviously, our spouse would not be appropriate unless a husband has multiple wives. The terms are inclusive and unselfish. Using these terms removes selfishness and melts egoism and other isms.

Leaders use these terms to refer to themselves and their leadership, their companions, students, friends, and supporters. It lets others know that we and you are not alone. 

Some unaware people will ask, “what or who is we you are referring to?” We say, “all who support what we just said or did. It might even include you.” The more we use these inclusive terms, selfishness subsides, vision and mission expand, and wholeness and oneness take roots in every aspect of life. The complete, balanced, organized, and abundant way of life is the supreme achievement.

The suggestions in this short post are powerfully effective if studied, understood, and practiced. They have nothing to do with “religion” as most people perceive it, color or ethnicity, national origin or creed, gender identification or orientation. The one criterion is human in its most excellent and developed forms and functions.  

Our way of life is active, not passive. It is fitrah-based, not theory. Teamwork is the default position and condition. There is no space or place for laziness, pettiness, bystanders, idle doubters, idol worshipers, and rejectors of faith. All hands are on deck at all times. Two traditional annual celebrations, permanent vacations (depending on your perceptions and state of mind), exceptional and excellent individual, family, and community benefits. Daily continuing education is required. Read. Study. Act. Share. 

To be continued….

Bilal Yasin El-Amin

The Propagation Congregation

About the Propagation Congregation 

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