The War is Over!

23 May

Greetings of Peace,

I remember when world war two ended in 1945. My mother, her brothers and sisters, and cousins were rejoicing, ringing bells, singing, and screaming repetitiously, “the war is over, the war is over, the got dammed war is over!” I was age five, but I remember it like it was a year or so ago. Two of our cousins had just come home from the army. My uncles were in what were called CCC Camps (Civilian Conservation Corps). These were military styled camps for civilian workers where the workers performed public works, parks, and forestry jobs. The camps were part of a job creation project for soldiers coming home from the war and to maintain and stimulate economic growth and stability.  

One of our cousins had a 1940 convertible Ford. I can still see the picture in my mind of them standing packed into that convertible with the top down coming up the hill of the road to our house. I had never seen them so happy. Our extended family partied together a lot, for any reasons… birthdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, snow days, rainy days, sunny days, cloudy days, memorial days, labor days, funerals. Sometimes they would just make up reasons to party and celebrate. Everyone in the community were beneficiaries of this celebratory spirit. 

The Allen Family in Hanover County was tightly knit all the way down to third, fourth, and fifth cousins. There were three different Allen families in our area, and somehow all of them were related even though few knew exactly how. Many outsiders and a few family members whispered innuendos about the hanky-panky going on. 

The Allen families were notorious for partying, romancing, and fighting. If you had a fight with one of them, you had to fight them all… and there were many. Every other family in the tri-county area knew this and generally respected it.

The Allen men were also notorious for fathering what was called “illegitimate” children, and a few Allen women were unmarried mothers. Women were mothers to their children, but men disowned and ignored their own, even though many of their children bore obvious resemblance to them. This ignorance and denial were sometimes carried to such an extreme that incest almost resulted or did result unacknowledged. I personally was never proud of this, but some Allen men were and still are proud and boastful of their so-called prowess.   

The best thing I want to convey about all of this is that the feeling I had from remembering their celebrations and close family ties comes back to me at this time. I have been humming and writing a song called “The War is Over!” The feeling is exuberating because in my soul the war is over. The war is over in my heart, in my mind, in every aspect of my life. I have entered a level of paradise, a garden, in this life. A garden beneath which rivers flow. Rivers of gratitude, quietude, peace, and productivity. All praise is due to Allah, The Source Creator

I share this because it is happening for many of us and must happen for each of us individually and collectively. Each of us must end the war in every aspect of our life and join others who elevate to this level. Start by stopping.

Stop giving too much attention to wars within you and within your environments. Order your own political (social) life to give attention to uplifting social actions that benefit you, your family, your community, and the general society. Your best actions must follow your best intentions. What you give your attention to expands. The cosmic procession is constantly expanding. If you do not expand with it, you will be constricted and crushed by it. 

Turn the dammed TV off and turn off its voices inside your head. Don’t just turn it down or change the channel, turn it off! Its many purposes are to sell mostly useless products, services, ideologies, lies, and whatever else listeners are willing to buy. It is a thief of time and a waste of mind. The motto of a well-known organization, that needs to change its name, says, “…a mind is a terrible thing to waste!” Your time and your mind are not subject to reparations.  

The rituals and rites wars are over! As we learn and understand and properly apply our rituals and rites, then superstitious, empty, burdensome, boring task-oriented practices perceived as “religion” or religious practices give way to vitalizing, uplifting, educational, elevational, expanding levels of our chakra system and the opening of our pineal organ, the pathway to supra intuition and direct contact with the cosmic procession revealing what The Source Creator designs, intends, and prefers for us individually and collectively. It is wonderful when you understand it!

The COVID war is over! The UKRAINE war is over! Physical wars are over! War making and warmongering big businesses and bankers are requisitioned to convert war making machinery plants into manufacturing centers for affordable farming, transportation, and infrastructure equipment. Multibillion dollar battle ships, expensive killer supersonic aircrafts and aircraft carriers must be replaced by manufacturers of affordable housing and household appliances. Big Ag farms and farmlands must be returned to local family farmers to heal the land and purify food, air, and water. Big Pharma must give up diabolical and useless research projects that create viruses, diseases, and medications that are designed to control or destroy natural, fitrah genetic patterns and structures in humans and other life forms.   

The democrat and republican wars are over! The comical and artificial senate and house wars are over! The shredded and dreaded constitutional war is over! The black, white, races, racists, and racism wars are over! The “religious” wars are over! The shortages and austerity wars are over! The gender identification and confusion wars are over! Goodness, abundance, clarity, understanding, and transparency are on the rise!  

The war on education is over! Salaat is education and elevation… movement of the people to inherent human excellence designed, desired and preferred by The Source Creator. Its mate, zakaat, is the mating of electrical and magnetic forces, male and female principles, for human benefits. Everything is created in pairs. We and everything get by giving and die by living. Life comes out of death. Light comes out of darkness. Day comes out of night. These pairs mate, produce, and reproduce, give, and accept without exception as signs for our fitrah education and elevation.   

The economic war is over! Money, media of exchange, are useful tools, except for fools who abuse the natural, fitrah patterns. They say fools rush in where angels dare to tread, and money has become our daily bread. Money, in its proper perspective and context is not the root of all evil, nor is the lack of it. Individual and collective economic development are inherent requirements requisitioned by our individual and collective souls. Survival of the most adaptable is real. Adaptability in every aspect of life. Expanding and survival of the adaptable soul. No soul is fit without its own independent but interdependent economic survival skills. All living creatures have and develop economic survival skills.  

The cultural war is over! Culture is born out of inherent and acquired excellent habits and traditions. Acknowledge and preserve the best thereof. Accept your own self, the best of your cultural achievements and aspirations. Give your attention to the best past, present, and future of what makes us humans different from each other, yet acceptable, respectable and fitting parts of an integral and dynamic whole.

Stop making graven or invisible images, physical and indelible, of humans such as well-paid artificial slave hollow wood beings calling themselves stars, slave sport and play figures called athletes, billionaires calling themselves elites, well-trained and well-paid magicians calling themselves politicians, ego-driven selfishness and selfies of your physical self and material stuff, and other conscious and subconscious manifestations of false flags and false gods.

The health war is over! We are speaking of physical health as well as healthy perceptions and practices in every other aspect of life. Oneness produces the paradise, the garden, in this life. Divisive, compartmentalized, broken-into-pieces perceptions and practices produce the fire, in this life. Die so that you might live! Die to all that separates your soul and body from the garden beneath which rivers flow. Become a soulbody rather than just a somebodySumbody is the sum of your body parts. Soulbody is the real you. Add the word soulbody to your mental and computer vocabulary. I am soulbody! Repeat. The war is over! Repeat. 

The war on poverty and the war on drugs are over. Both were economic wars against humanity, especially the poor and ‘people of color.’ Statistics and history show that there are no winners in any wars… only losers. The war on poverty impoverished and destabilized and crushed individuals, businesses, institutions, communities, state, local and national governments and nations by using the banking system and the nefarious IMF, international manipulation fund, against us.

Losers in the war on drugs include those who are hooked on experimental and unnecessary prescription drugs and victims of unneeded operations and procedures authorized by corrupt, greedy, and fearful, magician health professionals.

The social, education, economic, cultural, and health manipulators realize that the war is over, but they will not acknowledge it. Their desperation and activities expose them, but they wish to keep us at war… at war with our own self and at war with each other, in every aspect of life. They cooperate with their big corporations to crush and defeat our small cooperatives and corporations and the natural, fitrah human being.

When we give our individual and collective attention to the expanding cosmic procession and all of its influences and implications and activate the benefits, their wars and other schemes implode upon them as the cosmic procession re-establishes balance and equilibrium.

Join us in the garden. Enter among the workers who have accepted faith, where you will never be asked to leave, nor will you want to leave, or have a need to do so, and no one will be able to kick you out. It is real, not artificial or make believe. It is even more real than the artificialities experienced at the lower vibrational levels where most humans are stuck in residence.  

I am soulbody! Repeat. The war is over! Repeat. Sing: The war is over! Repeat.

Your Own Soul Obligates You,         

One Response to “The War is Over!”

  1. Hameem May 24, 2022 at 5:44 am #

    Engaging! “ Insist on yourself; never imitate. Your own gift you can present every moment with the cumulative force of a whole life’s cultivation; but of the adopted talent of another, you have only an extemporaneous, half possession.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “Be Yourself and accept your own”‘Elijah Muhammad

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