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How many “white” people have African American police officers killed?

22 Jun

A few words on the need to defund the police: Police budgets need to be re-directed to more community upliftment programs. The police departments need to hire more African American mothers and grandmothers (starting with the chief on down to the local beats) and hire fewer “white” men. It seems that “white” men are the problem. How many “white” people have African American police officers killed? If African American police officers had killed as many “white” people as “white” officers have killed African Americans and other people of color, all of them would be fired and/or the police departments would have already been defunded by now. As much as possible, police departments need to assign African American police officers to African American communities. All police officers must come to appreciate that they work for the people they are sworn to protect and that human life is far more valuable than the private property they so valiantly protect. Of course citizens must have due respect for private and public property as if it were their own.

Our military and the militarized police departments need to melt down their weapons of war and “beat them into plow shares” as the Bible says, and build plants for the manufacture of affordable farm equipment, nonpolluting transportation equipment and facilities and solar and wind energy products and facilities. Put out “the rockets’ red glare” and put down the “bombs bursting in air!” Study war no more. Allah forgives those who turn to Him and repent. He does not need to punish those who reject Him. He leaves them to the natural consequences of their rejection.

At this time we reflect on this beautiful Father’s Day, June 21, 2020, coming right after Juneteenth on this past Friday. In our soul it feels like Easter Sunday after Good Friday that some of us used to celebrate. Praise be to Allah, we can move from the surface meanings of mother and father to their true meanings, as we have moved from the false ideas of the cruci-fiction and re-sur-rection. We need to know that father means leader and mother means society in the scriptures. More on this subject at a later time. This line of reflection and reasoning is congruent with the subject because many police officers are fathers, sons, brothers, uncles and grandfathers. But it seems that too many of them discard these identities when dressed in their blues, armed with their guns, badges, gases and body shields. Too many allow these items to cover their humanity and rip out their soul.

Fatherhood and any other authority on the plantation were absolutely denied to the so-called Negroes. Our women were mothers to their own children and their children, and to the slave owners’ children and their children. So, our women have ample experience as mothers; but our men have little, if any, experience as fathers or the weight of authority and responsibility, and too many of us consciously or subconsciously avoid the opportunity to gain experience, shoulder responsibility and execute any authority. This is not an excuse for us, just a fact.

On racism: Let us be mindful that the greatest evil ever committed on earth was to present a blond-hair, blue-eyes image of a man as god, or son of god… presented pitifully on a cross as the savior of the world. This instilled a false sense of superiority in those who look like the image, and a false sense of inferiority in those who did not look like the image. This is the root cause of racism, and racism will continue to exist as long as the cause exists. Treating the symptoms never cures a dis-ease. The image is still in the soul, the subconscious mind, even if the pictures have been taken down. It must be consciously expunged. Some people of color have fought and are fighting the false sense of inferiority because our soul rejects it. But too many Europeans love the sense of superiority, and they refuse to acknowledge or fight it or expunge it because it sustains their artificial being and mythical entitlements. It manifests itself as what is called American exceptionalism, the American dream, or Manifest Destiny and white supremacy. They love it and some of them believe it… their idea of police/savior of the world manifests in wars and destabilization efforts all over the world. It is becoming clearer day by day that their so-called exceptionalism is the most destructive and despised idea and force on the planet… for them and the whole world.

The second greatest evil ever committed (and still being done) was the separation and dismantling of our families. Family is the foundation of society. When the foundation is destroyed, the structure collapses. There are families even in the animal and plant kingdoms. Now men have even tampered with those families through what they call pure breeding and genetic modifications. So, we have genetically modified organisms (GMO), not animals or plants… and some so-called leaders are hoping to soon have genetically modified humanoids. The thinking and actions of some so-called leaders indicate that there are already some humanoids among us, or some forms other than true human beings.

After or with these great evils came the obliteration of our religion (or way of life), our names, our health, and our culture. Too many of us still cling to and are proud of their artificial religion, names that they forced upon us, their diet and their culture… singing and chanting “We Shall Overcome” and “Black Lives Matter” … while paying the culprits to use their facilities (hotels, restaurants, etc.) for protest meetings and strategy sessions. The fact is: We have overcome! — when we got the Qur’an… if we study and use it; and Black Lives will never matter if black money does not matter and we do not respect and trust each other and stop abusing and killing each other. Matter matters! Our soul requires these adjustments… pool our political, economic and cultural resources and efforts and work. Why should anyone respect us if we do not respect ourselves? “Respect Yourself!” Mavis Staple and The Staple Singers sang. The Qur’an says: “Your own soul obligates you!” And “…Save yourself and your family from a fire whose fuel is men and stones….”Qur’an 66:6. The Qur’an also says: “…Allah will not change the condition of people until they change what is bothering their soul.”

Our Own Soul Obligates Us,
Honorable Bilal Yasin El-Amin, Abd-Allah
The Propagation Congregation

“We have indeed made Honorable all of the children of Adam….” (Qur’an 17:70)