2020 Vision and Viruses

21 Mar

As-Salaam Alaikum,

We seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan. We witness that none deserves worship but Allah, and we witness that Muhammed ibn Abdullah to whom the Qur’an was revealed is the Messenger of Allah and His last and final Prophet (prayers and peace be upon him).

It may not be wise that we follow ‘authorities’ as we should follow Qur’an and our Prophet (prayers and peace be upon him). Did he ever suspend Jumu’ah? Allah told Moses (peace be upon him) during a time of pestilences to tell the people to make masajid (places of prostration or worship) of their homes. Why are we not doing this? Only three people are required for the Jumu’ah Prayer. The ‘authorities’ say that a gathering of more than 10 people should be avoided. Jumu’ah Prayer has been broadcast via the internet from Atlanta, from Florida and other places. Three people can gather and continue that, and participants (from their homes or workplaces) can join in. We have webinar classes on Sundays and other days. We can have Jummah via webinar, and wherever you are, turn towards the Qibla (direction for prayer) and follow the imam in prayer. The congregation does not have to be housed in one physical location. Allah says the earth is His Masjid… Masjidullah. Standing shoulder to shoulder in prayer does not necessarily have to be physically. Let nothing keep us away from the way of life (Al-Islam) that Allah has preferred for His servants. Al-Islam is accommodating, and Allah is Most Merciful.   

Today, one Muslim brother and two undeclared Muslim brothers and I had Jumu’ah Prayer in my musalla (prayer room) in my home. The two undeclared Muslims have expressed interest in Al-Islam. So, we taught them, and taught them the prayer. It was beautiful. It was intimate, personal and fulfilling, as one brother said. More and more people will be expressing interest in our way of life, G-d willing. This is the Day of Religion. The Day of Enlightenment and the Day of Elimination. In this Day, those souls who refuse enlightenment are eliminated. Self-eliminated.  

It is possible that this virus is a shock and awe tactic and a false flag operation that is just as diabolical as the 911 scheme. Airplanes did not bring down those towers; it was dynamite; no plane hit the pentagon (making a round hold); it was a rocket. No evidence of a plane crash in Pennsylvania. There were deaths on 911, yes; and there will be deaths from this scheme… enough deaths to make the public demand and beg for vaccinations… which will be mandatory for public health safety; and those who refuse will be fined, jailed, taken to court and ordered to submit to the vaccination. If they still refuse, they will be charged with contempt of court, with more fines and jail time.

Reasoning like the manipulators reason, we can expect that a vaccine was created when the virus was created (by big Pharma), and it will be released (and controlled) based on a time table already established. Tests are already so controlled. Deaths are necessary for population control. People who are perceived by the elite to be useless and the elderly will be sacrificed. The manipulators do believe in the survival of the fittest. And what will be in the vaccines? …another dumbing-down cocktail (maybe even a computer chip) to make you more ‘cooperative,’ subservient, docile and robotic. Control the Mind, and the body follows. In fact, if minds are controlled, the bodies might not even be needed except for harvesting body parts for the elites.

Most media, movies, music, news, internet, etc., are aimed at your head, and they will not miss if you make your head available. Do not allow the diabolical, poisonous media into your subconscious mind. Read, recite and put into practice the Noble Qur’an. It heals, shields and reveals. The media distracts and confuses. Since the virus started, people are being distracted from everything else. What’s happening in the many war zones around the world that we started and finance? How about the economic wars? We are pleased to see (or unaware of) many of our human rights being taken away in the name of public health safety and expedience.

The number of infections and deaths being reported are probably no more real than the reports we get from voting in these false flag elections. They cannot be audited. Who is doing the counting? Do you personally know of anyone who has the virus? Maybe. Do you personally know how anyone voted in a given election?

The grocery store receipt, gasoline receipt and other receipts that we get can be audited. They contain date, time, cost, location, items, and much more information. Yet when we vote all we get is a little red, white and blue sticker that says I Voted. If a cash register machine can produce so much information about what we purchase, why can’t a voting machine produce pertinent information about how we voted? And have that information audited, and then audit the auditors. And again, who is counting the votes?

Remember, during the Vietnam war, an investigative reporter proved that if the number of enemies killed as reported by main stream media were accurate, then every Vietnamese and then some would be dead. The numbers were inflated to keep the war and funding for the war going. And what was that war all about? How many times must we be ‘had’ before we see the light?   

Please try to perceive and understand that the objectives of the social manipulators include taking complete control of your way of life… Politics (social), Rituals, Education, Economics, Cultural, Health. PREECHealth. The scheme is broad and deep and has been in motion for a long, long time… The New World Order. The schemers are more desperate now because they perceive that their time is up and they are clearly exposed and losing. Man plans and Allah plans, and Allah is the Best of Planners. 

In 1968 I was an Internal Revenue Agent with the Infernal Robbery System (IRS). I was selected to attend a week-long, world-wide conference sponsored by the Department of Commerce in Williamsburg, Virginia and other locations across the globe. The name of the conference was “Towards a Paperless and Cashless Society.” This was 1968! There were attendees from every branch of the federal government and some state governments and large corporations. Most of the 1,500 conference attendees in Williamsburg laughed at the ideas that were presented. But I paid strict attention and took careful notes because I had to present a summary of the conference to my associates at the IRS who did not attend (who also laughed at what I presented). I don’t think anyone is laughing anymore. 

The ‘authorities’ are now saying that cash is unhealthy (in every sense of the word). We must get rid of cash because cash spreads germs. It will soon be a violation of the law to possess cash. Everything (including humans) will be handled electronically. Those who are not in the electronic system, the matrix, will fall through the cracks and be eliminated as useless froth upon the waters. We have been heading in this direction for a long, long time. Most people do not pay attention; most people do not perceive, and most people do not want to think about or believe that these kinds of manipulations are actually taking place. It is too uncomfortable to think about or believe.

So, most people are easily herded into corrals and stables of fear, despair, hopelessness and helplessness. Their minds and souls submit, and so their bodies succumb to actual or perceived dis-ease once their immune system loses its guardian status. Man means mind and words make people. So, it is all about mind control and manipulation.

Notice how media are repeating the requirement for washing your hands, etc. Many, if not most, people will follow these instructions. Allah has commanded that we perform ablution for prayers at least five times per day, but many of the same people ignore ablution and prayers. Most of the ‘authorities’ have not yet recommended prayer. When they do, will the people follow? Will they know how to pray? To whom to pray? Or just do it any way they want to… like they do everything else. Personal gods, personal prayers, personal problems, personal opinions, personal solutions.

Remember, humans and everything else are energy… operating upon frequencies and vibrations. If you do not control your energy, frequencies and vibrations (to the fullest extent possible), then manipulators will. The robots you see in movies and cartoons are you… flesh and blood robots, and some made of steel and other materials for work and further manipulation of you. Read, recite and put into practice the Noble Qur’an. It offers the very Best energy, frequencies and vibrations. It heals and shields; and it reveals the schemes of satan. Allah says fight the schemes of satan, for surely his schemes are weak. Establish regular prayer… in your home. By the time this scheme has run its course, we will be stronger and more ready for public prayers, G-d willing. 

Chew on what we have said here. You do not have to swallow. Some call me a conspiracy theorist. But it was this government that trained me (for 42 years) to think like this… to think like an auditor. And Allah has taught me for a like period to think like a Believer in Him. The two teachings are not incompatible. The elements of evidence and faith are requisitioned for both. And Moses was raised in the house of Pharaoh and trained in his ways, but Allah chose Moses and taught him His Ways. Praise be to Allah! 

G-d be with us all. The Believers are already successful. Let us pray for and with each other soul to soul more often. We don’t have to be face to face, eye to eye or shoulder to shoulder.   

Our Own Soul Obligates Us,  

Honorable Bilal Yasin El-Amin, abd-Allah

March 21, 2020

One Response to “2020 Vision and Viruses”

  1. Hameem March 21, 2020 at 6:36 pm #

    Good points. Ya Qawi Ya Mateen Ikfi sharra zalimeen ( save us from the oppressors)

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