Accountability, Competency, Transparency (ACT)

5 Mar

We (Muslims) are the best community brought out and evolved for the benefit of mankind. We are always required to reflect excellence in all that we do. This post concerns our obligations in business. We must show accountability, competency, transparency and best practices in business operations and all community and group efforts. The links below show a level of accountability, competency and transparency that intelligent supporters will expect and demand in non-profit and for-profit entities. When people see this kind of open accountability, competency and transparency, they are inclined to invest human and financial capital for the cause. However, when they do not see this, their natural inclination will be to at least raise questions in their minds as to whether or not to support the cause or effort. And this will become increasingly true as the computer age informs the general public as to what to expect and what to look for in efforts or organizations they are asked to support. These are not the only criteria at which people will be looking, but they are crucial elements that will be needed to pass the initial test to gain informed and sustained public and/or private support. Respect for and faith and trust in the leadership will be substantially influenced by these criteria regardless to ideology, traditions or personalities.

We commend CWSC and Beyah Accounting and Tax Service for this shining example, and for displaying it on the website. Our present and future aspiring, small and growing public and private entities take notice. Praise be to Allah. He is Al-Muhsi, The Accountant. With Him is a record of everything, and we should take on and reflect as many of His Attributes as we possibly can in our personal life and in establishing our institutions.

Another example is shown in the IWDM Library Financial Report. We commend Imam Mubaashir Uqdah for accountability and transparency shown here.
Read and study these examples. Ensure that your nonprofit or for-profit business or organization meet these criteria. ACT now.

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